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About Robert Mason

Workshop facilitator and coach


Free Spirits is a vital part of my life’s work – sharing with other people how to take back their power, how to create the life of their dreams – how to be a Free Spirit.

Many people awaken to their spiritual path following a traumatic event in their lives, and I am no exception. Within a year of my marriage coming to an end, I came across the work of Brian Tracy, Dr Wayne Dyer, Gill Edwards and Sanaya Roman, among others, and my life changed with unexpected speed.

A few years later, during severe financial and relationship difficulties, I couldn’t see any way out and decided to end my life. I walked two miles to a favorite power spot of mine, on the cliff top overlooking the sea. I was literally two seconds from jumping off, onto the rocks 100 feet below, when I was suddenly lifted off my feet, turned around 270 degrees in the air and dropped on my knees facing the sun, due south. And I heard a voice say, “Your life might have no value to you, but it has great value for many other people”.

Within a year, I was attending a Living Magically workshop with Gill Edwards, a workshop called “Life is a Gift”, when I decided to hold my first workshop. So, a few months later, I held that first workshop, “Real Magic”, in London in June, 1999, and many more have followed since then. I worked closely with Gill Edwards and Living Magically for ten years, acting as her workshop assistant for five years.

I started Free Spirits, my own online training business, teaching and sharing spiritual awareness, in 1999. In 2006, following a very in-depth and inspirational week-long workshop with Gill Edwards, called “Call of the Soul”, I wrote my book about manifesting – “How to Recreate Your Life”: how to create anything you truly desire and fulfill your life purpose. It has certainly worked for me. I do work that I love, enjoy excellent health, have loving friends – and live in the home of my dreams – overlooking the sea, where I walk through the garden and onto the beach, in Devon, UK.

I have continued to train with and study the work of major spiritual and personal development teachers from Britain and the USA. Spiritual awareness and personal growth have become the centre of my life.

Practising as a business systems consultant throughout the UK and Europe during much of my working life, I have completed assignments for industry-leading organisations in most market sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, local government, banking, Virgin Media, the National Health Service and the United Nations.

My Mission

Through inspirational workshops and the internet, I share with other people, all around the world, the love and joy that this has brought into my own life. I am delighted and thrilled to share with other people the manifesting tools and techniques that I have learned – to create whatever they truly desire, as a Free Spirit.

My own personal number 1 goal is to be an ever more effective channel for healing energy. My goal number 2 is to touch the lives of one million people, all around the world, with the contents of my courses – teaching people how to take back their power, to manifest whatever they truly desire, and so to transform their lives and fulfill their life purpose.




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