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The Science of Getting Rich


The metaphysical approach to achieving abundance


The Science of Getting Rich’ was written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910, more than 100 years ago.


He said:

This is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward.”


It was a definitive work that many personal development practitioners have read.

Because it was written early in the 20th Century, the language used is rather old fashioned. However, I have left the original language, examples and idioms as written, in order to demonstrate that my ‘How to Recreate Your Life! course is not a new idea.


The concept of ‘Creating Whatever You Truly Desire’ – which is at the heart of both ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ and ‘How to Recreate Your Life’ – has been significant to many people for many years!

This is very much a metaphysical approach to manifesting – creating something that did not exist before – without working hard.


If you can have the smallest thought that it might be possible to create whatever you desire, you are already on your way to creating it.


There are universal laws at work regarding wealth and success and if we simply just work with those laws – instead of trying to push water uphill – the results that we are looking for will begin to arrive.

If we reproduce the causes of wealth scientifically, then wealth itself will manifest in our lives.


Some of what you read here will probably challenge your current beliefs. The ideas and methods are simple – probably so simple that you will doubt that they can be effective.


However, by treating other people just as you would like to be treated and by being grateful for what you already have, you can create more for yourself – and everybody with whom you have dealings will also receive more.


You already are enough – you already have within you all that you require in order to create the life of your dreams. You are a very worthy person who is capable of huge possibilities.


You might not consider yourself to be a creative person and you might have had failures in the past, but if you keep an open mind when reading this course, then everything is possible.

I believe in “when the time is right”. Opportunities for change and improvement come when you are open and ready.


In order to change your life, you might just need to change your mind!


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